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Nakedsol Leather Moisturizer

IDR 79,000.00
Nakedsol Leather Moisturizer 23 23

Nakedsol Leather Moisturizer
Made with natural oils.
Formulated specially to clean, protect, softens and shines leather.
*membersihkan, melembutkan, kulit terlihat baru dan shiny, mencegah pecah pada kulit dan jamur.
*tidak bisa untuk sepatu putih yang menguning, noda pen, noda yang sudah lama dan sudah menyerap ke kulit.

Directions for use :
Apply small amounts of lotion into your leather products,
wipe gently with any cloth or microfiber cloth for better results.
Leave for 5 -10 minutes before putting back in the storage.
Please store your shoes in a dry area.
You can repeat this once a month to prolong the life of your leather goods.

Please store the moisturizer in dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
EXP 10/23