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About Us

Nakedsol is a brand for independent and strong free spirit woman who embrace her naked soul, the one who is creating life according to her own beliefs, has the wildest dream and always value love and peace. We established in 2017.

We have our own factory and been producing footwear for over 20 years now, therefore we will always make sure the quality of each product. The name itself is inspired by the word naked and sole, which implies the barefoot feeling.

Our mission is to create a piece of minimalist, comfortable and stylish footwear for urban women who've got the confidence to be themselves. Thus, it will be as comfortable as they can walk all day without complain. It will be as minimalist as it matches most of their outfits and occasions. We are not only create a product to support lifestyle, but to enhance the ability to live it to the fullest.

Let us be a part of your daily life.