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Here it is! The most FAQ we got so far. If you can’t find the answer, ask us via WhatsApp +62878 8868 5608, we’ll be happy to help.


1. Can I exchange size?

Yes, you can. However, due to several problems occured before, we only accept return in several cases. Please contact us via Whatsapp to know how to return. And we accept returns, IF we send you the wrong items/size/colour. Please refer to Shipping & Exchange for more details. Customers are not allowed to force us to return the items, customers need to follow our terms and condiitons.

2. How do I know my shoe size?

We have put our size chart in every product. If you don’t know your foot length, measure it on a piece of paper.  A little tips, make sure you get 1 size up of you have wider type of feet. Please refer to Size Guide page.

3. How long will the package arrive?

It depends on each city, and you will have to check on the courier service. We'll process your order once you confirm your payment, your orders will be shipped the next day.

4. Will you restock soldout items?

Yes, of course! Unless we decide not to sell those particular items anymore. Click notify me on the product page, if your wanted items are out of stock.

5. Why is my order cancelled?

Maximum payment for an order is 1x24 hrs after the order have been placed. If the payment has not been completed after the time limit, the order will be cancelled automatically. Or, your wanted items are out of stock.

6. I'm overseas. Can I buy your products?

Yes, you can. For shipping fee, payment and other inquiries, kindly contact our Instagram's direct message.
We currently ship to Singapore, Malaysia, Philiphines and Australia.

7. How to clean the shoes?

For white shoes, make sure you don't leave them dirty for days. Use a wet tissue and wipe gently. If you happen to leave it for days, it will be quite difficult to clean it up, you can use oil. 
For suede shoes, don't wash it. If it's only a small dirt, just gently scrub it with your old toothbrush.
Please note that if you purchase white/bright colour shoes, it certainly will get dirty easier. So, make sure you clean it up each time you wear them.